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Why X-Cel

Eight Reasons to Purchase from X-Cel X-Ray

1. Long warranty

X-Cel podiatry units have a 5-year mechanical and 2-year electrical warranty. After year 2, we offer a prorated electrical warranty up to 5 years.
X-cel X-ray Warranty pdf

2. Long service life

X-Cel X-Ray exceeds the industry standards in durability, reliability, and ease of use. We take pride in supporting the maintenance of our units so they remain in top-notch form that prolongs their service life (subject to availability of parts).

3. Patented Tilt-Head for easy operation

X-Cel's patented Tilt-Head, available on some units, helps the operator and the patient work more efficiently. The Tilt-Head ELIMINATES the need to turn the patient for the DP view, rotate the arm 15 degrees for the AP view, or readjust the collimator for lateral views. It also enables wheelchair patients to be accommodated easily without having to leave the wheelchair. All Tilt-Heads feature the low-voltage expose switch with optional remote key box.

4. Cost effective

Because X-Cel manufactures many parts and assembles all units in its northern Illinois facilities, we can pass on savings to our customers. Contact your authorized dealer or X-Cel X-Ray to discuss pricing, service, and delivery.

5. Eligible for government subsidy

X-Cel equipment may qualify for an ADA (American with Disabilities) Tax Credit Form 8826. Your accountant can verify the eligibility of your business to receive a tax credit.
Download Form 8826 pdf

6. Choice of models

X-Cel’s Podiatry Series includes mobile short-arm wallmount, flip-up base, mid-base, and low-base floor models. The Grenz Ray Therapy unit comes in a mobile system.

7. Accommodates Film, CR (computed radiography) and DR (digital radiography)

X-Cel supports the full range of imaging technology available to x-ray.

8. Factory support for use and service

X-Cel is deeply committed to service. Our customers know that if a problem arises with one of their units—no matter how old it is—they can call on us for immediate assistance. Even when the cause of the problem is user technique or other equipment failure, we are there to diagnose, advise, and remedy. We do this because our aim is to keep our customers at the top of their business, using x-ray equipment that is guaranteed for its excellence and reliability.