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Continuing the Tradition

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715-BD Series

715 NT Big Product

The newest easy-to-use feature is the patented Tilt-Head, which enables the user to tilt the x-ray source.

Tilt-Head units:
  • Eliminate the need to rotate the patient for the DP view
  • Eliminate the need to rotate the arm for the AP view
  • Eliminate the need to readjust the collimator lateral views
  • Enable wheelchair patients to be easily accommodated without having to leave the wheelchair
  • Features the low voltage expose switch with optional remote key box
  • Include features that can meet ADA guidelines (consult your accountant)


FB 715 NT tilt head2015
  • Tilt-Head eliminates the need for patient
  • Patient support rail allows access from
    side or front
  • 3.5-inch base height
  • 29-inch SID
  • Available in white
Links to other model variations:

715-BDXC 715A-BD 715T-BD


FB 700 AC footprint a 427x600




FB 910 Big Product
  • 40-inch SID to match hospital standards
  • Low platform for access
  • Knee x-rays made easy
  • Fold-up base for space savings



Grenz Ray Therapy System

Grenz Big Product


  • Easy-to-roll mobile unit
  • Removeable and adjustable table for treatment of hands and feet
  • Control box is mounted on the post featuring a pivot to enable viewing the controls from three different positions
  • Plastic tipped treatment cones, 1cm, 3cm, and 5cm at 12cm target to skin distance, are standard
  • Effective for treatment of eczema and psoriasis